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impact Philanthropy group

OFFICERS, directors & advisOrs 

Our governing board and advisOrs selflessly give 

their time,resources and expertise to help lead our projects to success! 

With their guidance, leadership and support,

combined with the UNPARALLELED passion, skills and experience of our TEAM

we are helping to change the world together


Charisse Browner, President

John Barry, Treasurer

Clark Simon, Secretary

Tamara Bibby, Director

Lydia Carmany, Director

Emily Gross, Director

Joscelyn Smoots, Director

Michael McGinnis, J.D., Director

Miya Walker, Director

ADVISORS (non-voting)

Mike Brown

Lisa Ertz

David Gross

Lee Hayes

Beverly Matthews

Karimu McNeal

Cheryl McQueen

Ernestine Johnson-Morrison

Diedra Perry

Gary Reeves

Greg Roberts

Liz Schoeben

Antonio and Justin Patterson

Leland "Pookey" Wigington

Todd Wilson

Mark Young


Code of Conduct

We promise to:

Fulfill our responsibilities with loyalty and care, and will not advance our personal interests.
Understand and uphold, in letter and spirit, the laws, regulations and best practices that govern our conduct, 

organization and the nonprofit sector.

Refrain from corruption, unfair competition or business practices harmful to our organization, the nonprofit sector and society.
Protect the human rights and dignity of all people affected by IPG, and oppose discrimination and exploitation.
Report the performance and risks of our organization accurately and honestly, and should any one of us discover unethical practices 

and behavior within our organization, we will report that as well.

Invest in developing ourselves and others, helping the nonprofit sector to continue to advance 

and create sustainable and inclusive prosperity.